The BBL Play-Off Final has attracted global interest after a record breaking crowd of almost 15,000 congregated at the O2 for what was a historic and unforgettable day for British Basketball.

Some 14,700 supporters were in attendance to firstly enjoy Hoops Aid 2015, prior to watching ESH Group Eagles Newcastle complete a clean sweep of silverware by easing past London Lions in the Final which ended being a clean sweep of trophies this season for the Eagles as they won 96-84 against the Lions.

The event was featured on the front page of the FIBA Europe website on Monday morning and queries have since been received from media and organisations in various different countries wanting to find out even more about what was a landmark day. Fans around the globe enjoyed watching the Final via the BBC Sport website, with the BBC also compiling their top five plays of the game and making the match-up available to watch for 30 days via the BBC I-player. The interest generated caused #BBLplayoffFinal to trend significantly on twitter and all social media platforms were buzzing with interest – both on the day itself and even now in the aftermath of a day which will live long in the memory of those who attended.

By Callum Howe


The Sheffield Steelers beat the Cardiff Devils 2-1 to win the Elite League. The Steelers needed to win with the Devils in second and had a game in hand over the Steelers. The Steelers hadn’t won the trophy since 2008-09 and are now have captured the cup a incredible 6 times!

This may be a little unusual, but I’m going to tell you a little bit about canarian sports. There are lots of different sports, but the ones I’m going to cover are:

Lucha Canaria (Canarian wrestling)

Salto del pastor (Shepherds leap)

Juego del palo/Palo Canario (Stick fighting)

Bola canaria (Canarian boules)

First of all, Lucha Canaria.

Lucha canaria is similar to sumo wrestling, but at the same time different. The aim of the sport is to floor your opponent with them touching the sand with any part of their body. You fight in a sand arena that has a white ring around it. If you step out of that ring, you have to start again. If you touch the floor with anything but your feet, you’re out. Unlike sumo wrestling, you wear clothes. You wear shorts that go down to your knee but you have to roll them up to mid-thigh. You also have to tuck in your top and be bare foot, the only exception for socks is primary schools (specifically y6) when they have tournaments. I’ve had experience with Lucha canaria as I learnt it out in the Canary Islands (Fuerteventura to be precise) and the only downside about it is it’s painful. It’s possible to break your arm or any bone so if you want to learn Lucha canaria and participate, be ready for a lot of pain and maybe a broken bone or two.

Next, salto del Pastor.

Salto del pastor (Shepherd’s leap) is a spectacular folk sport. It may date back to the time of the Guanches, the aboriginal inhabitants of the Canary islands prior to the period of the early 15th century. Shepherds required a specialised means of transporting themselves safely across ravines and down steep embankments. They settled on the use of long wooden poles with a spike on the bottom that is called a Lanza or Garrote. The metal point on the bottom is called a regatón. Practitioners of Salto del Pastor have developed a wide range of techniques to facilitate quick and agile movements across extremely difficult and dangerous terrain. One technique is pole-vaulting across crevices or there’s the “dead-drop” in which the practitioner leaps down from about 8 metres, sticking their garrote into the ground before sliding down the pole. There are many different leaps depending on the obstacle that needs to be cleared.

Now, Juego del Palo.

Juego del palo (stick fighting) and Juego de garrote (pole fighting) are more or less the same thing. Juego del palo is practised as folk art, sport and self defence in the Canary Islands. It is believed to also date back to the Guanches. It involves the use of a slender stick 4 to 6 feet (1.2 or 1.8m) long, held in both hands. The aim is to “score” or simulate hits without there being any contact on unprotected parts of the body. Juego del Palo is a sport that requires skill and balance as well as agility, especially in the wrists, arms, hips and feet.The sticks, which may differ in size, are chosen in accordance with certain criteria, whereafter they are prepared in a specific way to obtain strength and lightness.

And, last but not least, Bola Canaria.

Similar to the game bocce (an Italian lawn bowling), the Canarian bouling has boomed in recent years thanks to increased federal records of this game, being along with football and Canarian wrestling, it is the sport with more federal records currently in the Canary Islands. The game involves throwing a ball from the beam, or brand starting with the aim of as close as possible to a ball with the largest number of balls available equipment itself. Players act in turn, deciding what part of the team must throw. Rules of the game: The game is 12 points, customary play more than one, usually two games. The number of balls is 12 for each team playing each team usually 4 players, but can also be played individually, 2 players, three or even 5 players, varying the number of balls per player depending on how many players per team, with usually 3 balls for players to teams of 4 players. The balls of a team differed from those of another by colour, since the balls are green and red. However, despite not substantively changing the game, the main difference with the game ball lies in the quality or material that is made the ball. In Lanzarote, wood defends against the ball of dough, which is also widespread. The old players defend the wooden ball because it requires a more difficult game, which is more expensive, being the lightest ball and with some lower volume. I’ve had practise with Bola Canaria, and its actually pretty easy, its just like boules, except its canarian and a little different.

That’s all for now on a couple Canarian sports, there maybe another one on different canarian sports, maybe ones I haven’t even heard of.

Natalie Littlewood

Last Night at the University of Phoenix Stadium, Seattle Seahawks faced the New England Patriots to have a chance of winning the greatest sporting event the USA history Super Bowl 49. Neither sides could settle their nerves in the first quarter as it was a scoreless quarter with both sides playing great defence. The second quarter started with a touchdown to the Patriots lead 7-0, but shortly after the Seahawks score a touchdown of their own and the scores are now 7-7. However the Patriots regained the lead with another touchdown score is 14-7. With a couple of minutes left the Seahawks levelled it up once more and the scores were 14-14 at the half. The Seahawks left of where they were in the second quarter with a field goal to take the lead and are now winning 14-17; shortly after the field goal the Seahawks took a 10 point lead with a touchdown and lead 14-24 at the end of the third. It was looking down like a second Super Bowl win in a row for the Seahawks until the last few minutes the Patriots scored two touchdowns and won the Super Bowl 24-28 against a very strong Seahawks side. Patriots WIN the SUPER BOWL 2015!

David Wilson has joined England injury list therefore he will miss the next six nations opener against wales with a neck injury could this be a problem ? He could be replaced by Dan Cole from Leicesters squad.Where as Leeds Rhinos lost to Catalan Dragon 20-24 so lets hope that they have better luck on Sunday against Hull KR kick off is at 15:00 Hull KR also won there last game against Wakefield wildcats

thats all on these to

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The mighty Ducks of Anaheim have won away at the New York Jets by 4 goals to 3.The game yesterday (BST) puts the Ducks at the top of the pacific league by 9 points with the Vancouver Canucks on 38 points.

The start of the school year is here again and that means an annual trip to the stationery shop and new school clothes drape over bodies with fresh faces. But it also means another year of school sport including: Football, Netball, Cricket, Rugby, Athletics and much more happening until the end of July. So here’s to a successful school and working year for all

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Sheffield Wednesday, the visitors, come into this fixture on the back of a comfortable 2-0 away victory over York City. Stuart Gray’s owls cruised to a moral boosting victory at Boothem Crescent with two goals from Chris Maguire, a screamer from 35 yards out and a well struck free kick in front of a loud faithful away crowed.

The shakers also come into the fixture off of the back of a win. They beat Radcliffe Borough comfortably by 4 goals to 1. Bury still have to face Rochdale and Blackburn in friendlies and Wigan in the Lancashire cup final

Fridays game will be played at the AJ bell stadium instead of bury’s usual gig lane because of re-turfing.

The World Cup was truly memorable with Germany lifting the greatest trophy in Football.

Winners Germany beat Argentina 1-0 after a Mario Gotze goal in the 124th minute after the tie went into extra-time. Germany got to the Final after the thrashing of the hosts (Brazil).


Golden Glove =Manuel Neuer

Golden Boot = James Rodriguez

Golden Ball = Lionel Messi

Biggest Overachievers = Costa Rica

Biggest Underachievers = Spain and Italy

Best Goal = James Rodriguez

Biggest Shock = Brazil 1-7 Germany

Biggest Casualty = Neymar (Brazil)

Best Manager = Joachim Loew , Jorge Luis Pinto, Louis Van Gaal

Most Entertaining team = Colombia, Holland , Germany

Best Goal keeper = Keylor Navas , Manuel Neuer, Guillermo Ochoa

With the England, Spain, Australia, Croatia and Colombia all packing their bags to head back of home after their final games the host  Brazil, The Netherlands, Chile and Costa Rica are heading to extend their  World Cup run by reaching the last 16 round.

Our  Games this week are : England vs Costa Rica, Italy vs Uruguay and USA vs Germany

Lewis’s Prediction:  Eng 1-1Cos, Ita 0-0 Uru and USA 1-2 Ger

Joshua’s Prediction: n/a

Connor’s Prediction: n/a

Luke’s Prediction:  Eng 3-0 Cos, Ita 2-1 Uru and USA 0-2 Ger

Charlie’s Prediction: n/a

Ollie’s Prediction:  Eng 6-0 Cos, Ita 2-1 Uru and USA 1-1 Ger

Louis ‘s Prediction:  Eng  3-0 Cos, Ita 1-2 Uru and USA 2-1 Ger

By Callum Howe